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A top non-exchange whales own 26.22 Million ETH

26.22 Million ETH Held by Top Non-Exchange Whales: New All-Time High Shiba Inu Overtakes MATIC in Market Cap as Number of SHIB Holders Keeps Growing OpenSea Faces Front-End Vulnerability, User Makes 347 ETH Exploiting It Shiba Inu's dominance among the 1,000 largest Ethereum wallets has dropped to a three-month low with only 5% dominance and $1.7 billion remaining on whale-tier wallets.. Asset'ss dominance among whales. Shiba Inu has always been one of the most dominant assets among whale addresses, with its dominance reaching 12% at the point that SHIB reached its most recent ATH.

2022.01.25 05:26 cmnnewsofficial A top non-exchange whales own 26.22 Million ETH

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2022.01.25 05:26 lebron2007 Is Lamar Jackson, Nick Chubb, and DK Metcalf a good enough return for Justin Jefferson and Jalen Hurts in single qb half ppr?

I like JJ but that return is tempting.
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2022.01.25 05:26 Honmamon-Japan New Knife!!!

New Knife!!! Bunka is Multi Purpose Knife.

"HONMAMON" Bunka (Multi Purpose Knife) Aogami Super Steel, 170mm The Bunka looks like a bonafide badass. It is a multi purpose knife akin to the Santoku. “Bunka” translates to “culture.” A cross between the Nakiri and Gyuto, Bunkas can do it all.
Blade Material: Aogami Super Steel, Hardness : around HRC64 +/- 1. Both side Soft Stainless Steel.
Our Official website: Our Instagram: Our Youtube channel:
photo link: "HONMAMON" Bunka (Multi Purpose Knife) Aogami Super Steel, 170mm – Honmamon-Japan
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2022.01.25 05:26 innofuel How do you cleanly burn plastics in wood stove?

Waste plastics is a very abundant, zero-cost fuel that does not burn very well in wood stoves.
Hard plastics tend to be recyclable, so they should not be burned. We talk about soft plastics such as plastic bags, meal boxes, food packaging etc.
The reason is plastic pyrolysis release volatiles too fast compared to wood, creating fuel-rich conditions that result in incomplete combustion. Excessive CO and hydrocarbon in exhaust flue, toxic and smell like crap!
How do we reduce the pyrolysis speed of plastics in the wood stove?
How do we create a lower temperature pyrolysis zone that's separated from the fire heat?
Does it help to control to feed rate of plastics with a pellet stove, and let shredded plastics be carried along by the pellets?
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2022.01.25 05:26 CryptographerMain960 Looking to chat

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2022.01.25 05:26 boredbud04 some concept flavors I made. What should white be? coconut?

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2022.01.25 05:26 smoothoperator914 Try getting them to sleep with this.
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2022.01.25 05:26 ConiLeshh Bu çiğ altında kalanlar kendileri kazip çıkamıyor mu en azından burada fazla derine gomulmemis kendisi çıkabilirdi herhalde

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2022.01.25 05:26 choosen-undead Ranking every team in terms of Men's ICC Trophies

Seeing as how we have a tournament-packed decade to look forward I thought about ranking every team in terms of how many ICC trophies they have won. This includes the World Cup (ICC Men's Cricket World Cup), T20 Cup (ICC Men's T20 World Cup) , Champions Trophy (ICC Champions Trophy), and Test Championship (ICC World Test Championship). I will also be listing the number of finals a time has lost. Finally, I'll list some interesting facts (or rather observations) I came across while researching for this (read going through Wikipedia).

1) Australia- 8 ICC Trophies Finals Won: World Cup 1987, World Cup 1999, World Cup 2003, Champions Trophy 2006, World Cup 2007, Champions Trophy 2009, World Cup 2015, T20 Cup 2021
Finals Lost: World Cup 1975, World Cup 1996, T20 Cup 2010
Win Percentage: 72.7%
THEY tournament bullies, Australia comes out on top as the team with the most number of ICC trophies. They have won the most number of World Cups and Champions trophies. In fact, their World Cups alone equal the total trophies won by the 2nd ranked team on this list.
Australia also has the most number of ICC title defenses (3).
Australia has the most number of final appearances.
With the exception of South Africa, Australia has won against every single ICC tournament winner.
Australia won what is as of yet the arguably most one-sided victory for a chasing team in the One Day format when they thumped Pakistan in the final of the 1999 World Cup. The measly target of 133 posted by Pakistan is actually the 3rd lowest target in an ICC tournament final (the other two came in the T20 format). Australia also has the distinction of posting the highest ever target in an ICC final (360 against India in 2003)
Australia is also the only team to win a final by the Duckworth-Lewis method (2006 Champions Trophy)
But Australia lost to England in the finals of the T20 Cup. This proves that they won all of their trophies because of flukes and/or cheating.

2) West Indies- 5 ICC Trophies Finals Won: World Cup 1975, World Cup 1979, Champions Trophy 2004, T20 Cup 2012, T20 Cup 2016
Finals Lost: World Cup 1983, Champions Trophy 1998, Champions Trophy 2006
Win Percentage: 62.5%
At number 2 we have the inaugural winners of the ICC Men's trophy, the West Indies. After winning the first-ever world cup, the Windies followed it up by winning it again in 1979. This marked the first of only four times that a defending champion has been able to win an ICC tournament. Turning their One Day success to T20 dominance, in 2016 the Windies became the first (and only as of now) team to win the T20 cup twice.
West Indies' 36 runs win over Sri Lanka is the largest margin of victory in the final of the T20 format.

2) India- 5 ICC Trophies Finals Won: World Cup 1983, Champions Trophy 2002, T20 Cup 2007, World Cup 2011, Champions Trophy 2013
Finals Lost: Champions Trophy 2000, World Cup 2003, T20 Cup 2014, Champions Trophy 2017, Test Championship 2021
Win Percentage: 50%
The first of many ties on this list, India also comes in at number 2. It has been an upward trend for the Men in blue in the ICC tournaments since they became the first-ever team to beat the Windies in a World Cup Final. With two Champions trophies to their name, they tie with Australia as the most successful team in the tournament. Their win in the 2002 edition of the tournament also marks the only time a team has been declared joint winners alongside another team.
Winning after posting low targets and India, name a more iconic duo. In 1983 India posted a low target of 184 against the then-undefeated West Indies and managed to successfully defend it. This remains the lowest successfully defended target in the One Day format. Three decades later they would recreate this feat when they defended a measly target of 130 in the finals of the 2013 Champions Trophy. This remains the lowest target in an ICC final.
India also won the inaugural T20 Cup.
In 2011 India became the first country to win a world cup final in their home country. This win has seemed to turn other teams into home track bullies because the next two world cups would also be won by the home team.
An observation that I made while making this list is that India's cycle of winning tournaments seems to be: World Cup, Champions Trophy, World Cup, Champions trophy. So Indian bros are on the lookout for this year's T20 Cup.

3) Pakistan- 3 ICC Trophies Finals Won: World Cup 1992, T20 Cup 2009, Champions Trophy 2017
Finals Lost: World Cup 1999, T20 Cup 2007,
Win Percentage: 60%
'One minute down, next minute up' is a quote that seems to embody Pakistan. After suffering a humiliating defeat in the 1999 World Cup final, Pakistan inflicted one of their own when in 2017 they beat India by 180 runs. This remains the largest margin that a team has won by in a One Day final. In fact, this is the only occasion in an ICC Final wherein a team scored less than the margin they lost by (India was all out for 158).
Pakistan won one World Cup and then lost the next. Lost the first T20 Cup and won the next. Won one Champions Trophy and- uh oh.

3) Sri Lanka- 3 ICC Trophies Finals Won: World Cup 1996, Champions Trophy 2002, T20 Cup 2014
Finals Lost: World Cup 2007, T20 Cup 2009, World Cup 2011, T20 Cup 2012
Win Percentage: 42.8%
By winning the 1996 World Cup, Sri Lanka became not only the first team to win the WC batting second but also the first host country to win the final.
Together with India, they are the only team to share a trophy.

4) England- 2 ICC Trophies Finals Won: T20 Cup 2010, World Cup 2019
Finals Lost: World Cup 1979, World Cup 1987, World Cup 1992, Champions Trophy 2004, Champions Trophy 2013, T20 Cup 2016
Win Percentage: 25%
Always the bridesmaid, never the bride. England has the unfortunate distinction of having the most losses in an ICC final. After losing three straight world cup finals (each time to a country from a different continent) England finally got a taste of the World Cup final when they won the 2019 world cup on boundary count which has to be objectively the best way to win a final. Also, they beat Australia in the T20 Cup which makes them the best team to ever exist.

4) New Zealand Finals Won: Champions Trophy 2000, Test Championship 2021
Finals Lost: Champions Trophy 2009, World Cup 2015, World Cup 2019, T20 Cup 2021
Win Percentage: 50%
The Kiwis won their first ICC Trophy in 2000 when they beat India in the second edition of the Champions Trophy. 21 years later they would win their second trophy, the inaugural Test Championship by..... beating India in the finals.
'Australia is in the finals, Mommy please come pick me up.' may as well be the NZ motto because the kiwis have lost 3 times to the Australians in an ICC Final, allowing the cunts to statpad their tournament wins.

5) South Africa Finals Won: Champions Trophy 1998
Finals Lost: None
Win Percentage: 100%
Australia may be tournament bullies but the Saffas are the Finals' bullies having a perfect record in it. To preserve this record they haven't reached the finals before or since.

Feel free to add any other interesting tidbits you may know of regarding ICC finals.
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2022.01.25 05:26 Bobbi-Is-Bitter Mega Aerodactyl Now. Adding first 5. Please be online 0717 8768 6464.

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2022.01.25 05:26 yournymphh Holiday bunnies! So what if the new year has passed, my life is my rules! By Tracy

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2022.01.25 05:26 kanzaahmad No interviews. What should i do?

Hello everyone. I could really use your help. I wasn't able to secure any interviews this season. It's my first time applying. I'm a US-IMG (non visa requiring). Below average step scores 211/217 ECFMG certified, Step 3 passed with 207, YOG 2021, 3 US LORs from IM/Pediatrics, 1 year USCE. Applied in over 160 programs in Pediatrics. Please suggest what should I do now. I already sent LOIs after getting my step 3 result but most of them said they've concluded their interviews this season.
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2022.01.25 05:26 giuscond Bye bye 6th gen and welcome new Kindle Paperwhite 11th gen

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2022.01.25 05:26 Strong_Rhubarb_4744 Beelce si yo estuviera con Samus(ella mide 1,96)

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2022.01.25 05:26 juehigh Chinese car web is doing well

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2022.01.25 05:26 ilikedrumming Imagine this...

Imagine if rdr2 was so big that you could play not only Arthur and Epilogue with John but also you could play all of the content of rdr1 with the graphics, map and mechanics of rdr2. Maybe they will make rdr1 remaster in the future...who knows. You may say Im a dreamer, but Im not the only one...
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2022.01.25 05:26 ZoolShop First COVID, then hair loss?

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2022.01.25 05:26 Letsplay_Sascha_GD [media]Re:Zero Station of Awakening

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2022.01.25 05:26 Bluecomments For those who understand Japanese, what did Oda really mean by "...Marineford look cute"?

It sounds kind of unnatural in English, making me think that it is an overly literal translation. What is a more accurate less literal translation of the original meaning?
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2022.01.25 05:26 warpedmindoverdrive Availability change without my consent?

I had been on a covid leave and I look on me@walmart and my availability is wayyyyy out of wack. I can’t work mornings, sundays or Thursdays, yet I’m scheduled mornings and sundays. Why would this happen, who approved this?
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