Guys plis help

2022.01.25 05:45 Sea_is_nice Guys plis help

Hello guys so yesterday i(13F) was playing hide and seek with my bf(45M). So we started playing and i(13F) ran to the forest and hid. Then i (13F) saw my bf(45M) vent(amnugs refnec) and i(13F) started running away. He(45M) chased me. I (13F) grabbed a rock and threw at him. He(45M) fell and die and spill blod on me(13F). I(13F) took him to the vents(amongi refrenc) and throw him (45M) there. Is there a chance i(13F) might be pregnant?
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2022.01.25 05:45 Cje0910 Regardless of the price of crypto my stress is low cause my miner account only goes one way : UP!!!

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2022.01.25 05:45 magdy-abdelsalam-67 America's Omicron Economic Losses: Labor Shortage, More Uncertainty and High Inflation

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2022.01.25 05:45 MadMike247 My modern chart rulers only aspect is Neptune trine Saturn. There isn’t much info regarding this placement, can I get some inputs on how this might manifests?

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2022.01.25 05:45 Dudecrushgaming They posted the funny again. I guess there might be two jokes now

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2022.01.25 05:45 WFlash01 What's the best place to get a cabinet kit that can house a CRT?

I've looked around on certain sites, and they all seem to use newer plans that are thinner by the screen intended for flatscreens obviously, but I've got a few authentic arcade boards I want to use and I want them to go to a CRT, the way they were meant to.
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2022.01.25 05:45 SlickUlrick Backwards compatibility of PAL Xbox 1 games

Does anybody know how well PAL Xbox 1 games perform on Xbox 360/One/Series X? PAL games had no 480p/720p modes, so I wonder if there is any disadvantage playing them on newer systems, compared to NTSC games.
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2022.01.25 05:45 Rhauuuko Character perks to offset a flaw/drawback

I will be starting new character this weekend and in a backstory of my character I have added a flaw (roleplaying one - cursed character, cannot touch anything that does not belong to him as there is a risk of burning it - a bit like Midas' curse but on a chance) which of course might lead to weird social/daily living situations. Also not being able to touch traps, loot in dungeons etc, we are still to finalize how it would work in the end. Probably higher DC for touching something that obviously belongs to someone else, and lower to touching other things like found treasures. Maybe even going to extremes such as not being able to rest at the inn.
My GM told me he loves that flaw and he wants to offset it with some kind of perk not necessarily connected to fire. It should not be something mechanical - so no resistances, advantages, additional spells but rather pure RP thing. The problem is he wants to discuss it by tomorrow and I will not have a lot of time today so am looking for ideas. For now i thought about:

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2022.01.25 05:45 lianderthal I got scammed (bank) on Facebook and I want to find the ip address of the scammer

I just want to find the person who scammed me and report it to the police. the police here isn't very good so I want to report the ip address myself. Is there a way to get the ip address on facebook or facebook messenger. I've tried to do the nestat_an but the scammer is no longer online. and I'm afraid the longer I wait this person will delete the account.
I've already reported it to the bank right when it happened, but I can't wait a few days. They took a lot of money and I'm really screwed.
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2022.01.25 05:45 The_ConfusedPeach Dear GOD, help me. How can I insert my original Sims 4 saves/mods folder into a "fresh version" of the game? I'm using the same Origin account. I'm at risk of losing all of my saves and effort forever.

Dear GOD, help me. How can I insert my original Sims 4 saves/mods folder into a I wanted to move my Sims 4 game to an external hardrive. Instead of following the rules, I decided to copy the game, Origin, and the mods folder over to the usb. I then deleted the game and mods folder from my computer.
I opened up the Sims 4 on the usb and, low and behold, all my saves, settings, and cc are gone. I closed the game.
I still have Origin on my computer, so I opened Sims via that way. Still the same.
I'm absolutely devastated.
Luckily, I copied the EA folder over as well. It contains the Sims 4 folder, which in turn contains my saves folder and mods folder, as well as everything else.

Q: Is there a way I can insert my Sims saves/mods folder back into the game?
My EA folder at the top, which has my original Sims 4 folder with all my old saves and whatnot.
My saves folder. I checked and, yes, my saves seem to be all there.
I really want to get these saves back. Honestly, I can redownload all of the CC, which will suck, but not as much as losing these saves. I'm in the second decade of the decade's challenge, first generation of the not-so-berry challenge, and recently started a new save with an alien sim who I love to death.
Not to mention all of my builds, CAS, etc.

Last time I do things the lazy way.
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2022.01.25 05:45 theconnect101 If you are going to score, do it right

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2022.01.25 05:45 wintermangoes Psychiatrists in Davao

Hello guys! I am a student who is currently having problems in my mental health. Do you guys know any psychiatrist in Davao? Preferably yung affordable sana cuz most psychiatrists na nasearch ko mahal yung fees nila :( I hope someone can help me
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2022.01.25 05:45 DolphinBorneIED Mutiny? Legal questions

So I work at a security job, they have minimal workers right now. To my knowledge all of us are working 7 days a week which is by choice and that’s fine to me.
They pay 13.50 an hour and I believe that for the work it is very low, plus I’ve seen what they make off the contract I work, and I just feel that whoever does the job in doing should make more.
I’m going to be quitting soon, I put in my 2 weeks and change a while ago
when I was hired I was told I was to replace another employee but since then they lost multiple employees and cannot afford to fire the other person like they planned.
Can I tell her all of this info, and give her the advice to ask for a raise or quit bc they will literally have no choice but to give it to her since there is nobody to replace her? And she won’t have much to lose bc when they hire more people they’re going to fire her anyway most likely.
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2022.01.25 05:45 Spotstrike If you could have a statue of anything, in any size, pose, shape, colour, anything, what would it be?

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2022.01.25 05:45 Luka4547 Brawl stars account

Name change ✅ Brawl pass this season ✅ Most brawlers level 9 with star powers Club is in master league 3000 star points Brawlers missing : Spike, Sandy, Mr P., Meg, Squeak, Lola, Leon, Fang
Willing to sell it for 50 euros - negotiable For more information message me
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2022.01.25 05:45 SentenceProper6901 24yo Female

Stinky socks size 6 with long toes and high arches. DM for pricing and photos. 👣😋
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2022.01.25 05:45 7amogaming The first meme in the history of humanity in ancient Egypt

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2022.01.25 05:45 AronRamsy22 What do you think about the latest Marvel IDs movies and TV series?

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2022.01.25 05:45 Aquaman8888 Here's how Axie Meta drilled down by teams looks right now

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2022.01.25 05:45 domino464 Metalcore has killed itself

In general a lot of the best bands we all remember that are still around have basically shot themselves in the foot. 7-10 years ago was the heyday
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2022.01.25 05:45 Sleepy-Blue-Cat Behold: Another Toa! Built him a while after the Toa from the last post. He goes by "Tank" (not his actual name), ferocious and mighty Toa of Iron!

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2022.01.25 05:45 Tiny-Big-7702 Prologue for an Indian mythology themed fantasy novel

Hello everyone! I was wondering if I could get some feedback for the first few paragraphs of the Prologue of my high fantasy novel that is based around Indian mythology. I am particularly looking for feedback on the language and the voice. Any kind of feedback would be greatly appreciated.

“O great yogini; the fierce one; the headless one; the one who gives, and takes away; the creator, the nourisher and the destroyer; I have no siddhi, yet I beseech a shelter in you from all my fears and anguish. Please, hear this cry of your devotee and show mercy.” 

Damini whispered a small prayer, as she always had since she was a little girl, and took down the lit oil lantern hanging from the roof of her porch before it fell with the incessant gusts of wind courting the heavy rainstorm. The sages might have been overzealous with their rain prayers, she thought, and that had her worried. The darkness of the night had already embraced the earth and the skies, but her husband had yet to step foot in their small village. The rains could severely impede her husband’s return from the apothecary. She would call out and ask many farmers and merchants returning from their hard day of work who would pass by her house, but none had seen her husband that could affirm his return. The apothecary of a renowned wise sage was only two villages away and it would not have taken her husband more than half a day on a horse to visit him and return with the medicines. 

“What are you doing outside?” questioned her mother-in-law as she saw her standing outside peering towards their village gate. The bottom of her sari had started to drench as the winds blew the rain into the porch. “Get inside, you need your rest,” she said. Damini broke out of her trance, turned around, and nodded to her mother. As she made her way back inside, she took one final glance towards the gate, hoping to notice the familiar silhouette in the dark, before closing the wooden doors. The moment she put the latch, a pain shot up within her from the kicking by the life agitating inside her womb. Instinctively she placed her hand on the spot, reaching out and connecting with the soon-to-be new member of the family. “Hush now, your father would be here soon, so be a little more patient,” she whispered lovingly, ensuring no one else was privy to her conversation. But her words were less of consolation and more of a plea. It was likely that her unborn child was being affected by her worries, but it would only work to hasten and complicate the delivery which was due any day. Her husband had left at dawn and should have been back by afternoon with the medicines to soothe the pain of the delivery, and the oils to cleanse and anoint the baby with. However, it was already night and his delay was making her heart flutter with anxiety. 

“Focus on yourself, for now, my dear,” her mother encouraged from the other side of the room, aware of her daughter’s thoughts, as she finished offering incense sticks to the idol of Goddess Kali, their patron deity. “As long as Ramesh has his grandfather’s yantra\[ \], no harm would come to him. I have also told some of his friends to go look for him if he does not return by morning”. Damini’s mother-in-law was considerably unperturbed about her son’s absence. Perhaps it was her own state as an expecting mother that made her emotions flare. Or perhaps Ramesh had done something similar previously in his life, although he had never stayed outside after dark as long as she had been with him. 

“Come, we have prepared the chapatis\[ \] and laced them with butter and sugar,” her sister, Ridula, called with a smile as she and Damini’s elder sister-in-law, Shanti, sat beside the hearth and finished preparing dinner. “Just as you have always liked them. It should help uplift your mood”. They had arrived at her place a few days ago once Damini’s mother-in-law sent letters to summon them to act as midwives and assist with childbirth. Hospitals were only available in cities or large towns, and not in a quaint village of Chandpua like theirs, located in the far edge of the empire. As such, it was almost a requirement for families, friends, and neighbors to help their women deliver at their own homes. 

“Thank you,” Damini smiled at the thoughtful gesture. It seemed her worries were not hidden from those around her. Her mother folded a thin colorful quilt into a long strip and placed it on the floor, and then helped her daughter-in-law sit on it. With each passing month, it had become arduous for Damini to do things she never would have given a passing thought before, like sitting down cross-legged, or bending over, and since past week, it had become difficult to even stand and walk for long. 

“He must have lost his way again!” suggested Shanti. “My brother can be really light in his head sometimes when it comes to directions.” She said with mock exasperation. “You should have seen the number of times he ran to the well and forgot his way home when he was of suckling age.” She smiled at her own recollection. “But don’t you worry, he has the strength to take down a bear. And our family’s protection is with him”. She, like her mother, also sounded convinced. 

Damini had always seen their family’s yantra placed at the foot of the Goddess’ idol but had never seen its efficacy herself. Apparently, it could keep ten ghosts and demons at bay without effort; courtesy to her husband’s grandfather who was a gifted Siddha, and who before renouncing family life and becoming a sage, gifted them the yantra of protection. She was hopeful that the revered talisman would be as potent as everyone’s claim, but nevertheless, she felt a deep sense of uneasiness; as if something is not right as it should. 
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2022.01.25 05:45 iAmit1 BBD Bagh, Kolkata, India

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2022.01.25 05:45 DominatedRealism replacement keycaps for horde keyboards? (membrane)

i emailed the roccat support but apparently roccat has no keycaps for this series. which i find absurd since the keyboards are still in production. i wasnt able to find any on ebay or amazon either, although i found a few razer made ones that seem to fit, sadly the keycaps themselves are very different. and since i only need to replace my spacebar, i dont want to buy another keyboard for 80-100 quid. anyone have any experience with membrane keycaps? thanks alot
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2022.01.25 05:45 LV_Matterhorn [220120] Yuju @ MBC Midnight Horror Story

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