Girls of this sub, as a 18 year old boy I need advice, can y’all help?

2022.01.25 04:44 confessingmyhesrt Girls of this sub, as a 18 year old boy I need advice, can y’all help?

So I posted this before and I wanted to expand on it. There’s a girl I like at my job but we work at a store and do different jobs and never talk to each other. I think she’s really cute and would like to talk with her more but I’m always on registers and she sorts clothes. I don’t wanna creep her out by randomly going up to her and asking her to go out when I’ve never talked to her. There’s another girl there that’s managed to become friends with me AND the girl I like. This girl doesn’t like me (Romantically) and I don’t like her (romantically) and we’re just work friends. She plans on leaving her job soon and that’s got me thinking and wondering if I should ask her to help me get close to this girl before she leaves. When I posted this before someone said to ask her for help before it’s to late
Should I ask? If so what should I tell her? Do o just hint at it first that I like her or just full on say it and ask for her help? Is it a good idea?
Should I just ask her if she thinks we’d be a good fit together and if she says yes should I ask her if she’d be down to help gas me up a bit since I can’t seem to work with her long enough to have a good conversation? Or do I just not say anything and regret it?
And she’s not working the same days as me much anymore and I haven’t talked to her in AWHILE. So I can’t really ask her out without getting the one girl to help me get closer, I think. What should I do?
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2022.01.25 04:44 Whythehellnot_wecan Because of Shark Tank Guy. This is not a joke.Schwab 401k via app verified by two phones and wife tonight. “My Retirement Progress” says I have zero dollars but $4.5M in 10 years. Been out in Treasurys since June no investment in this account. $GME elsewhere. This is several multi-millions off. WTF?

Because of Shark Tank Guy. This is not a joke.Schwab 401k via app verified by two phones and wife tonight. “My Retirement Progress” says I have zero dollars but $4.5M in 10 years. Been out in Treasurys since June no investment in this account. $GME elsewhere. This is several multi-millions off. WTF? submitted by Whythehellnot_wecan to Superstonk [link] [comments]

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2022.01.25 04:44 Ritzuh [NG] [BL30] [VicAme] [PW: theblood]

Who’s up and wants to help me with Amelia? Ringing at the fog
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2022.01.25 04:44 JAPANTH3R Extreme nsfw post

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2022.01.25 04:44 Agima [100% OFF] Environment and Ethics: A Basic Course (3 days or 501 registrations left)

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2022.01.25 04:44 ZoolShop Killer Super Bowl TV deal: TCL 55-inch QLED TV just crashed to $399

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2022.01.25 04:44 VegRecipeBook Italian style White Sauce Pasta Recipe | Béchamel Sauce Veggie Pasta Recipe

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2022.01.25 04:44 Glitch0404 My strongest (and coolest) gunpla so far

My strongest (and coolest) gunpla so far
Sadly still can’t pass 200k CPWR tho :(
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2022.01.25 04:44 Elifereta Xunlai chests?!?

I don’t know if guild wars 2 players know the significance of xunlai chests. They’re from gw1 and they were the games “bank storage” and it’s where 90% of the games population was standing in every city. Once I saw them at the eye of the north I had a inkling of a feeling that they weren’t out there for no reason. I wonder if our trip to Cantha will give them some sort of significance again or something. It would make me smile.
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2022.01.25 04:44 ooggabooga48 Magnus is not a good champion of Tzeentch

Greetings fellow mages, I wanted to share my thoughts about the Thousand Sons and Magnus as champions and emissaries of Tzeentch.
Here is my case: Tzeentch is the God of change, scheming and magic(he's a lot of things, but these are the main few). If you were to pick an alignment for Tzeentch, he'd definitely be Chaotic neutral to Chaotic Evil.
Let's look at Magnus, he's by far the strongest primarch in psychic might, and fulfills the magic portion of Tzeentch well. But if you look at his personality, he is not as chaotic as you would expect, but more Lawful Evil or Lawful Neutral. (pre/post-heresy)
I think you can see where some things do not align. Even Ahriman, who's main drive is to reverse the Rubric and return his legion to its former status; would do anything to achieve his goal. In many ways can be considered Lawful Evil as he has a strict code that he abides by and follows, despite the means.
A better representative for the champions of Tzeentch might be the Alpha Legion as they have schemes within schemes and play into the change and scheming personalities of Tzeentch well. (although no magic)
Another good emissary of Tzeentch is the changeling which goes around the Galaxy screwing around and causing chaos (literally).
I do not mean to say that the Thousand Sons are a bad legion( I luv them that's why I'm thinking about them lol) but I do wish they better represented Tzeentch's change and scheming traits more as opposed to merely magic and wisdom.
But I'm curious what do you think? I'm really curious how people perceive Magnus and Thousand Sons as representing Tzeentch. 🤹🌀
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2022.01.25 04:44 Bosconino Misgivings about universal healthcare from US members?

Hey everyone, in the few threads I’ve seen discussing health insurance horrors in the USA I’ve still seen occasional defending of the system (it’s just greedy insurance companies!) and misinformation about how universal healthcare systems work around the world.
So I thought let’s have an open and honest discussion about what actually happens in countries with universal care and maybe answer some questions for those who have heard crazy rumours about how ‘bad’ it is?
I’ll first give some of my own experiences living in two countries with universal care.

  1. In the U.K. prescriptions have a set cost. When I was there it was about £7 per item. This means you get a big discount on some things (although medicine is way cheaper than the US, astronomically so). Occasionally it means you actually pay more than off-prescription (in which case the pharmacist will usually tell you. Paracetamol costs less than £1 for example but on prescription you’d pay the flat fee).
  2. I have never ever ever ever had issues seeing a doctor. I have never heard of anyone having issues seeing a doctor (except perhaps during covid) Something I really want to underline - I have lived in both U.K. and Italy and BOTH have a robust private sector where anyone can go and pay for medical care if they want immediate, alternative or private treatment. The prices are much lower than the US (again astronomically). How does this work? Well let’s say you have to wait a month for a CT scan but want one tomorrow. That’s what private is for. But importantly…
  3. No one is made to wait in line and die in the meantime. This is a myth spread probably by US insurance companies. Cases are treated by priority. If you’re a 30 yo male with abdominal pains but no worrying symptoms, you might wait a month for a CT scan locally (or search hospitals further away with better availability, it’s up to you!) if you’re crapping blood and vomiting you’ll be rushed in for an emergency scan. I mean this should be obvious but you do hear the ‘you’ll spend months waiting to see a doctor’ brigade loudly (probably the same as the under communism everyone shares a toothbrush brigade but hey ho)
  4. In Italy you pay a contribution for specialist visits. It’s usually around €20-40. Many specialists work both privately and for the state. I saw a specialist once for €20 and the next time I had an ‘emergency’ and had to pay a private fee of €100 to see them the same day. It was in the same office and place in a state hospital.
  5. The only time you are forced to wait in line regardless of wealth in these countries is for organ transplants. These are all state-controlled and are ordered by availability and urgency of care. It’s in these cases where yes, you may be told that as a 75 year old millionaire chain smoker needing a heart transplant you are being bumped off the transplant list for a 15 year old with heart failure to take your spot. You can debate this one as you like, but fundamentally that’s the only thing money can’t buy in these systems (personally I’m more than cool with this).
  6. A bonus story - in Switzerland employee healthcare is mandatory and there are differing levels. But it suffers from similar problems to the us system. One story from a customer is he had a son with suspected appendicitis. He took him to the hospital but it was full, so he went to another hospital. Here he was charged 400chf for a bed as that particular place wasn’t designated on his insurance cover. Swiss people have some of the highest wages in the world but a late percentage goes on mandatory medical insurance. I get that some Americans see this as “not having freedom to choose” but being able to choose to die isn’t so great is it?
If anyone has any questions for EU folks even those with insurance based systems with universal coverage let’s share some information instead of just blindly hating on each other’s systems.
Let’s clear some things up!
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2022.01.25 04:44 Weird-Raccoon5532 so many eye in naruto shippuden that i lost they're use in the series

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2022.01.25 04:44 Sea_Worldliness_7986 LF: offers

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2022.01.25 04:44 bigfootforcash Canada right now.

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2022.01.25 04:44 StSeanSpicer [CRISIS] I'd Rather Be In The Mountains

The South Col, Mount Everest, Nepal, May 6th, 1970
Yūichirō Miura becomes the first person to ski down Mount Everest. He descends the 4,000 foot tall South Col in just 140 seconds. It is not particularly graceful. Less than a minute into his descent, he falls over, and what occurs afterwards is hardly skiing at all, just sliding down the ice. He loses a ski. His parachute does little to slow him down. But 4,000 feet down the mountain, he hits a rock, goes flying thirty feet, and lands safely in the Western Cwm.
Kathmandu, Nepal, May 12th, 1970
Narayanhiti Palace is usually rather desolate. Perhaps it is simply because the palace is new, but Crown Prince Birendra is by all accounts a man of simple pleasures. He does not enjoy being disturbed while he is sleeping. And unlike his father, he seems almost disturbed by the gaudiness of royal life. His home does not teem with servants.
Today, the Crown Prince’s sleep has likely been disturbed. It is also likely that no servant will walk the grounds of Narayanhiti Palace for a long time.
Bullet holes are fixable, of course, but a lack of royal inhabitants presents greater difficulties.
It is not altogether unusual to see troops on the street in Kathmandu these days. If they start clearing the streets, it might raise some eyeballs. If they start shooting each other, it might even count as an interesting day.
Early in the morning, two companies of the Shree Khadga Dal Battalion assaulted the various royal palaces of the Nepalese monarchy and the national radio station of Nepal. After having seized the radio station, the commanders of the revolt declared their intention to overthrow Nepal’s semi-authoritarian Panchayat governing system and restore the pre-1962 democratic order. Meanwhile, the rebel troops were battling the royal guards of the Shree Gorkah Bahadur Battalion. At the Narayanhiti Palace, the rebels overrun the defenses, killing Crown Prince Birendra in the chaos. Meanwhile, the rebels succeeded in taking the Singha Durbar Palace, forcing King Mahendra, already in poor health, to flee the complex to take refuge with loyal military units.
For a moment, it appeared as if Nepal’s monarchy had ended in a single swift stroke. However, it quickly became apparent that the coup attempt had failed to gain the support of the rest of the military. Furthermore, their efforts to build a united opposition movement were also failing. Both the moderate Nepalese Congress and the Pushpa Lal faction of the CPN welcomed a return to parliamentary democracy, but neither were willing or prepared to begin an armed struggle to secure their gains. The pro-monarchy Rayamajhi faction outright refused to work with their various enemies, while the pro-Soviet Amatya faction of the CPN lent only lukewarm support.
Even worse, while King Mahendra was incapacitated or otherwise unable to take command, Prince Gyanendra, recently returned from his studies, rallied army units on the outskirts of the city and led their way to the city center. The student population of the city and the suppressed Congress and Communist parties came out into the streets to support the revolt, but without arms they were quickly batted aside with heavy loss of life. By the end of the day, the rebellion in Kathmandu had been basically crushed.
However, the unrest spread to the countryside, especially as students and labor leaders fleeing the bloodshed in the capital reached the many rural hamlets of Nepal with radical new ideas and often armaments. These initial revolutionaries have been joined by defecting units of the security forces and radicalized peasants dissatisfied with the inefficiency and neglect of the Panchayat regime.
Under Prince Gyanendra’s leadership, the armed forces have been vigorously restoring government control over the country, but despite their efforts a determined core of the communist leadership, including prominent leaders like Mohan Bikram Singh have survived to lead the movement. But despite their best efforts, few in the rebel movement have any experience in armed conflict, and the countless competing factions of leftists have acted without any kind of unified strategy or end goal. Still, the unpreparedness of the armed forces and an ample supply of smuggled weapons have put a great deal of pressure on the Nepalese monarchy to get the situation under control.
“In a cairn built of rocks, I offer to the mother goddess the names of the dead Sherpas, and a mirror, symbol of the soul of man, placed so that the mountain can see her own reflection. It is a gentle ceremony, in the face of such violence.” - Yūichirō Miura
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2022.01.25 04:44 therealsleamShaDdy [chat] [M26] [M4F] lets hangout or just chat!!

Hey everyone im M26 and im wfh these days and would love someone to chat and be in long term friendship!! Also Venting is needed and here is a safe place , i am a good listener!! Dm me. Ghosts pls dont even bother!;)
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